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Training Program

Jessica Rattner's theoretical background makes her teaching style multi-dimensional and high content. Clearly and concisely, she will always explain the "what, how, why" of each training move - making absolutely certain that the concept has been grasped before moving forward.

Jessica's strengths as the Head Instructor at DevonWood are her ability to identify the root of a training problem, deal with that problem swiftly and directly in order to correct both the symptomatic issues as well as the core weakness of both horse & rider.

Meticulous attention is paid to the details of both the rider's position and effectiveness along the horse's response. Jessica's positive outlook on training and firm belief that all riders are capable of progressing into competent riders of their horses. Riding with her is a highly rewarding experience, regardless of the skill and level of the horse or rider.

Rates & Services (subject to change without notice)

Basic Board - 14' x 14' stall w/run OR 14' x 14' box stall, includes:

  • Daily Eurociser
  • Year-round daily pasture turnout
  • Daily blanketing
  • Four feedings daily & nightcheck
  • All auditing fees waived for clinics held at DevonWood
  • First priority for clinic positions before being offered to public
  • Trailer parking
  • All weather hacking trails & 5 full court outdoor arenas
  • Heated tack room & clubhouse
  • Climate controlled tack lockers



  • Training is billed on a sliding scale, with a discount provided when four or more lessons/training sessions are given with a horse.

Coaching (at shows)

  • $25 per day. For non-local shows, hotel and mileage charge will be included


  • Payments are due by the 7th of each month unless special arrangements are made with bookkeeping.

Cancellation Policy

  • 24 hour notice required for cancellation of scheduled lessons.